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TdF 2013

Well, we are now 11 days into Tour De Fleece, 2013. I am participating this year, but not with the lofty goals I have had in the past. My goal this year? To spin 5 yarns. That is it. Life is too crazy right now to commit to much more. that said, I’ve been successfully spinning each day of the tour so far (except the rest day). Pictures of the tour to date:

Day1 Day2 Day3 Day 4 Day 5

I’ve actually spun 4 of the gray/blue/purple singles in the second picture above, and already plied two of those together. I’m in process of plying the second 2 to make a cable yarn with those 2 tow plies… confused yet? Pictures hopefully this week of a finished yarn.

I’m also working on a WIP (below), the bobbins was spun pre-TdF, finished the second single this week and plied on Sunday.


I currently have 2 yarns completed, and the third (cable yarn) well on its way to completion. I think the next two will be a bit more funky. Still planning.

Anyone else participating in TdF? Link you’re blog in the comments, I would love to see the progress of others.

XO, ~L

Tour de Fleece Progress Update

Today is day 11 of TdF 2012, which means it’s a day of rest. Which means no spinning. Which means I, of course, am dying to spin! Instead I will updated regarding my progress as it’s been a busy tour so far.

Day 1: I was up bright and early (work to do on a Saturday, ugh) so I found time to spin. I decided to kick off the tour with rovings from Hedgehog Fibres. The first one I spun up as an auto wrapped single, and the second one I spun up half of to ply with itself:


Day 2: Living in Ireland meant a 4th of July party early. Not much spinning, but a huge BBQ! From 2 – 11pm we took over the cul-de-sac. I did manage to finish up the second bobbin of the Hedge Fibres (blue) and it is ready to be plied. I also started on the bright limited TdF 2012 braid from Bohoknitterchic Spins. Quick mobile phone pic:


Day 3:  Back to work! All work and no play means little time to spin. I finished spinning the rainbow colored braid and am now looking to make supercoils…

Day 4: The supercoils are a success! I chose the perfect braid for this adventure. New technique? Check! Awesome yarn? Check!

Day 5: Started on a new “Monster” yarn. She’s about half done…

Day 6: Monster yarn “Penelope completed!


Day 7: Started working on some yellow roving (from Bohoknitterchic Spins), thinking about a new technique. I’m really drawn to yellow of as late and can’t wait to see how this yarn turns out. One bobbin down, three to go…

Day 8: It’s official, going to try another new technique. This time a cable ply. Finished spinning up the other half of the yellow merino, and now I’m spinning up a multi-color baby alpaca roving, one bobbin left to go. For a little instant gratification, I paused and spun up a couple mini batts to make a fun black/neon mini skein :)


Day 9: 4 singles spun, singles plied 2×2 and then plied together awesome cable yarn ensued… followed by yet another adventurous new technique started!

Day 10: It’s Monday and I’m on holiday so no work. Lots of spinning time today, which is well needed given the technique I chose to try. So fiddly! I completed a tornado yarn today. Lessons learned: I don’t like pre drafting & it is interesting to manage the twist on the core while managing the twist in the wrapping threads. Quite a balance to not over twist one while providing enough twist for the other. All in all, I’m quite thrilled with this “art” yarn:

Also on day 10 I finished a thread ply, batt from an old Silver Sun Alpacas SAL (Jacques from “Finding Nemo”):

I assure you there will be better pictures once the tour is done and I have time for something more than quick iPhone pictures. I also can advise that some of these will appear in my Etsy shop, I have had a few people ask already.

Now off to continue my NON-SPINNING day (no, I’m not bitter about this) and prepare for our trip to Legoland. We are off tomorrow until Saturday… which again means no spinning. Boo! But a lot of other fun instead :)

XO, ~L

TdF 2012- Are You Ready?!

Tour de Fleece begins Saturday, June 30th. Simply put, it is a spin-a-long done during Tour de France. Even simpler, they spin, we spin. They rest, we rest. Granted they may be getting a bit more of a workout than I am…

Last year during TdF I spun 15 yarns and really worked on varying techniques. This year my goal is 20 yarns, again I want to try a few new techniques and I want to spin at least one yarn to use for a project in the Ravellenic Games. Oh yeah, that other event has now been renamed.

Techniques I want to try:

  • Tornado
  • Plied corespun
  • Stacks
  • Supercoils

All new techniques I have never tried before, I’m fairly excited. Now if only I weren’t going to be gone for 4 days in Legoland during the tour… oh well.

A quick phone pic of the stash I plan to work through:

Are you participating? If so, what are some of your goals?