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Tour de Fleece Finale

The tour has come and gone and I was not nearly as productive as I wanted to be. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it did big time in the past few weeks. However, all said and done, I’m incredibly proud of the yarns I spun this tour. Here is what they look like altogether in a mosaic:


I feel that I showed quite a bit or versatility during the tour. The following techniques are represented:

  • auto-wrap
  • 2 ply
  • super coils
  • cabled
  • tornado wrapping
  • corespun
  • thread plied
  • soft single
  • tail spinning (although not “extreme” by any mean))
  • weights ranging from bulky to fingering

I definitely covered some ground this year! I have one more super coil in progress. I managed to finish the single before the tour was done, but no time for coiling. This one will be a gradient, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Pictures soon. In the meantime, check out my Flickr for more pictures of the yarns spun.

xo, ~L

Tour de Fleece Progress Update

Today is day 11 of TdF 2012, which means it’s a day of rest. Which means no spinning. Which means I, of course, am dying to spin! Instead I will updated regarding my progress as it’s been a busy tour so far.

Day 1: I was up bright and early (work to do on a Saturday, ugh) so I found time to spin. I decided to kick off the tour with rovings from Hedgehog Fibres. The first one I spun up as an auto wrapped single, and the second one I spun up half of to ply with itself:


Day 2: Living in Ireland meant a 4th of July party early. Not much spinning, but a huge BBQ! From 2 – 11pm we took over the cul-de-sac. I did manage to finish up the second bobbin of the Hedge Fibres (blue) and it is ready to be plied. I also started on the bright limited TdF 2012 braid from Bohoknitterchic Spins. Quick mobile phone pic:


Day 3:  Back to work! All work and no play means little time to spin. I finished spinning the rainbow colored braid and am now looking to make supercoils…

Day 4: The supercoils are a success! I chose the perfect braid for this adventure. New technique? Check! Awesome yarn? Check!

Day 5: Started on a new “Monster” yarn. She’s about half done…

Day 6: Monster yarn “Penelope completed!


Day 7: Started working on some yellow roving (from Bohoknitterchic Spins), thinking about a new technique. I’m really drawn to yellow of as late and can’t wait to see how this yarn turns out. One bobbin down, three to go…

Day 8: It’s official, going to try another new technique. This time a cable ply. Finished spinning up the other half of the yellow merino, and now I’m spinning up a multi-color baby alpaca roving, one bobbin left to go. For a little instant gratification, I paused and spun up a couple mini batts to make a fun black/neon mini skein :)


Day 9: 4 singles spun, singles plied 2×2 and then plied together awesome cable yarn ensued… followed by yet another adventurous new technique started!

Day 10: It’s Monday and I’m on holiday so no work. Lots of spinning time today, which is well needed given the technique I chose to try. So fiddly! I completed a tornado yarn today. Lessons learned: I don’t like pre drafting & it is interesting to manage the twist on the core while managing the twist in the wrapping threads. Quite a balance to not over twist one while providing enough twist for the other. All in all, I’m quite thrilled with this “art” yarn:

Also on day 10 I finished a thread ply, batt from an old Silver Sun Alpacas SAL (Jacques from “Finding Nemo”):

I assure you there will be better pictures once the tour is done and I have time for something more than quick iPhone pictures. I also can advise that some of these will appear in my Etsy shop, I have had a few people ask already.

Now off to continue my NON-SPINNING day (no, I’m not bitter about this) and prepare for our trip to Legoland. We are off tomorrow until Saturday… which again means no spinning. Boo! But a lot of other fun instead :)

XO, ~L