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On the needles

With my spinning wheel in transition (and expected to arrive the week of the 26th!), my focus is currently on knitting. This means the list of what I want to knit is also ever growing. I need more time…

While living in the hotel in Cork I finished the knitting of my Sunshine Top (in linen) and just need to seam it up. Here is a picture of it in progress:










It was a TON of garter stitch and a super easy knit. Knit from one bottom edge to the other and then just close up the sides. I probably could have figured out how to knit it in the round, but seaming it will have to do.

I also currently have a shawl on the needles for Gynnifer. It is probably going to be one of the prettiest things I’ve ever knit, hands down. However for now you only get a black and white image:














I’m actually much further along now, but still just a sea of stockinette. I can’t wait until I get to the color change. Seriously, this shawl is going to be GORGEOUS!

Also on the needles is Mostly Warmness, in a fantastic sparkle sock yarn dyed by Bohoknitterchic Spins (I apologize for the crappy camera phone pic taken in the hotel room):














Then there are the projects I want to start. I have the yarn wound and ready to go for Spikelet, I will be using the two yarns on the left:














And I will be visiting Temptations in Dublin (Ohio) this week to pick up some Malabrigo Rasta so I can knit The Road to Gimmerton. I’m tempted to knit three, one for me and one for each of my girls.

I wonder just how many projects I can finish before the end of year? Or if I can finish all the projects listed above (started and not started). I think that may be my goal.

Now that you know what I am working on, your turn to share. What is currently on your needles, bobbin or hook? Are you focused on holiday crafting? Winter is nearly upon us, great time to craft up a bulky cowl before the temperatures take a dive…





Hopelessly Overcommitted

My current status? Overcommitted. What else is new? And it is all self imposed I have so many projects on the needles and all ae projects I want to finish quickly, but can’t seem to quick enough. I know, I know, why am I knitting more than one project at a time? Well, here’s why…

Currently on the needles:

1) Jack’s fingerless gloves. I had an idea, at the beginning of December, that I would finally make him the glove he’s been requesting for years and years. I had the yarn, I’ve had it for years and years :) I just needed to find a pattern. I was off to a roaring start, and then I got sick, and the holidays came (I gave him one almost finished glove for Christmas), and year end at work hit and then I travelled to Austria and…. yeah. As of today one glove is officially done, I wove in the ends and he has tried it on. I’m not in love with it (darn thumb gusset!), but it works. The second glove is 3 inches in and well on it’s way. Clearly I need to get these done before his birthday on the 26th. Clearly.

2) Lintella Shawl (Ravelry Link). I had a friend that lost her baby recently and I wanted to knit her something special. This shawl is gorgeous and I can rock some garter stitch. However it is still a shawl and will take some time. Once again cruising through the repeats, or so I think, given how much spare time I have. It just becomes struggle to decide to work on this or finish that glove in point 1. Progress as of Sunday… I have a few more ruffles done now:

Lintella on Ravelry

3) I’m knitting a Milo (Rav link) for Reagan. As you will see in the picture, it is 90% done. I just need to see if I can start the edging or if I need to do another cable heart repeat. That toddler is tall! Hmmm, maybe I should finish this one this week?


4) Caitlin’s Monster. I’ve been working on this since… umm…September. It’s much further along that the picture I will post. I’m a matter of rows from binding off the many body. Just need to stuff it first. Then there are two arms needed, I think that I put this one down because I was off on my stitch count. It still looks fine, and I think I was off by only 1 or 2 stitches. I really should finish this. By her birthday? Not likely. Those arms may take me a bit. How about before the end of March? Quite possible. She seems to have forgotten about it anyway 😉


5) I just cast on Bitty Bump (Rav link). Knitting friend due in wish weeks. I need to get this done and in the mail quickly to be part of a gift box going her way. Which means I need to mail this by the 10th. Obviously this is my number one priority (beyond the shawl). There is a reason I chose a pattern in very bulky wool :) I plan to use a mix of commercial yarn and handspun. Pictures once it has progressed.

6) I need to finish my second ‘Feet Eater’. I knit one before I moved for my same friend that recently lost her baby. The second one was not done in time, all the parts were knitted, but not seamed together, so I sent her the one. I need to find all those parts and send the second one ASAP! Finding them is the trick. There is really no reason this shouldn’t have been done by now. Here is the first one:

Feet Eater

7, 8, 9) And there are three more I WANT to work on. I need to work on the advent calendar and get it done. No rush on this one, but I need to work on it monthly. I also ordered yarn for a dress for Caitlin and an afghan for me. That yarn will be here this week. I better get moving on those top 6 projects!!!! More pictures of these projects as they get started and progress.

I definitely found my knitting mojo, I just need to start finishing some projects. Several are close, very close, but not past the finish line yet. That’s my goal for February. Finish some projects!!!!!

And spin some new yarns :)

Until next time…