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More Knitting With Handspun

I’m on a bit of a handspun knitting kick right now. Over the weekend I ran out yarn for one of my projects, so while I wait for the extra 2 skeins to come from the US (the problem with knitting from a stash that came from the US!), I knit up a quick little project…


This is the Spring Pixie Hood








It is an adult size, but I think it looks much better on my 4 yr old than on me

A great choice if you’re trying to decide what to do with 100 – 150 yards of bulky weight handpsun yarn.










Coming soon, an eyelet cowl in fingering weight handspun (finished, but needs blocking )




Night Circus

This was the last yarn I finished before “the incident” which left my spinning on hold. I affectionately call it ‘Night Circus’. I took two 2 ounce batts, Punk Rock and Goth Night, spun them up as singles and plied them together. Night Circus is all kinds of fabulous IMO. What do you think?



















It is also full of sparkle, but that is much harder to capture 😉




Seeing Red

As I continue to spin through my stash, clearly I had a phase where for some reason there was much pink and red making it’s way into my craft room. Here are some of my latest spins (available on Etsy):

A personal favorite, Loveless, inspired by My Bloody Valentine’s album of the same name. This was one of my favorite albums circa 1991. Love those guitars…

Kiss Me, inspired by The Cure. Anyone that knew me back in the day also knew I was a huge Cure fan.Ridiculously so. AT one point i owned more of their catalog than any sane person should. I still have a soft spot in my heart for their music. This yarn was spun while listening to “Just Like Heaven”

Shabby Chic, I think this fits that theme well, no?

Choco Pop! Need I say more? The pink is so much brighter in person, was difficult to capture.

Water Lily:


And last, but certainly not least, Green Lantern!!! THe greens against the black just jump out at you. I really like this comic book yarn. MOre to come very, very soon.
Green Latern

I’ve also got two that are not listed on Etsy, keeping these for myself for now :)

Orange Crush:
Orange Crush


So much spinning! Perhaps my goal of a yarn a week is going to be too easy? Maybe not, life is bound to get hectic and getting to 52 could sneak up on me… maybe.

I’ve been knitting too, I swear. Still hopelessly overcommitted, but I’ve finished two of my projects. Pictures next time.