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World Wide Knit In Public Week

Image From WWKIPD Facebook


Historically it was World Wide Knit in Public Day, but now it’s a week! And this year WWKIPW is from June 8th until June 16th. Nicely timed with my trip to Cork, Ireland. In just a few hours I depart to begin my long journey and will arrive into Cork mid-afternoon tomorrow. Exited? Me? Of course! Cork feels like my home away from home with all the strong ties we made while there.

The plan? Meeting up tomorrow afternoon at Electric for a nice cuppa, scone w/ raspberry jam and a proper catch-up with some friends I have been dearly missing. There may even be an additional meet-up for dinner later in the week as well, and you can be sure knitting will likely tag along.

For those of you local to my actual home Columbus/Dublin, Ohio, there are two meet-ups I’ve found during the week:

  • Origins KIP– Friday, June 14, 2013 Time: 16:00, 2nd floor of the Hyatt regency attached to the Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio
  • The mid-Ohio Knitters Guild Is meeting on Saturday, June 15, 2013 near the Goodale Park Gazebo. Rainy day alternate location will be over at the North Market Patio (still out in the fresh air; just out of the rain). Be sure to bring a comfy, portable chair (fold-up) and a brown-bag lunch (unless you prefer to walk to nearby food vendors)

I encourage knitting in public this week whether you make it to a meet up or not.



A Knit For All Seasons

Are you a seasonal knitter/spinner? Do you find that you knit or spin more in the cooler months and as the weather heats up the projects drop off?

I find that more often than not I am not a seasonally affected when it comes to my crafting. I’m more driven by time/availability than the temperature outside. Granted, a year ago I moved to Ireland and the weather changes here are moderate, but even in the heat of the summer in Ohio I would still find myself knitting or spinning in my spare time.  The only reason I may see a slow down in warmer months would be the fact that I am actually out doing things, not a conscious “it’s to hot to knit” type reason.

As a mater a fact, one of my busiest months for spinning is in the summer due to Tour De Fleece! Last summer I spun 15 yarns in the month of June, fiber from 10 different sources and multiple new to me techniques were tried:










































The Ravelympics every other year in July/August also tends to increase my knitting in the warmer months. In 2010 I finished up a large wrap and a baby blanket for my little Muffin who I was expecting the following February:



































And I’m already in planning stages for both events this summer :) The goal for TdF will more likely be 20 – 25 yarns, and I want to spin for projects I plan ti knit as part of the Ravelympics. Much planning afoot!

Now it’s your turn, are you a knitter for all seasons? Or do you find you change your projects by season?