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January Knitting

OH… hello there! I’ve been so buys knitting and spinning I’ve forgotten to blog this month… eep! Do you follow me on Instagram? I’ve certainly been posting updates there. Here is a sample of what I’ve been working on…


I have four projects completed this month and three yarns spun. Now it would certainly help if I took some decent pictures…

XO, ~L

2014- A Look Back

As one always does, it is time for my 2014 recap.  let’s start with the blog itself as it’s been another record-breaking year for me:

  • The blog was viewed more than 5,700 times. This is 1,500 more times than last year. Thank you all so very much for stopping by!
  • February 1st was my most popular day, and the most popular post was January Yarnbox which was posted just a few days earlier.
  • I seem to post most frequently on Sundays, just in case you were wondering
  • Of my top 5 posts, 2 were from 2013! Apparently I wrote a few blogs in the past that are still worth looking at.
  • Most people find me via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry, Pinterest and Tumblr. Pinterest is new to the list this year and Ravelry dropped from the #1 spot to #3!
  • People from more than 60 countries visited my blog. My top 3 in order were: United States, Ireland and Canada
    • Extremely happy to see Ireland in there.

As for knitting, I completed 32 projects this year.

2014Projects1 2014Projects2 2014Projects3

I clearly still have an affinity for green and teal with a side of blue and purple. Of my finished knits, 5 were test knits for friends.

I did spin some this year, but nearly as much as I have in the past. Definitely a goal for 2015, get back into spinning some gorgeous hand spun.

Now for 2015… I imagine much more knitting and maybe some other crafty fun thrown in. Who knows, time will tell :) Do you have any resolutions set for 2015?

Thank you all for am amazing 2014, Have a very happy and safe New Year’s celebration and I’ll catch you on the other side…

XO, ~L




A Wool Gathering- 2014

Yesterday marked my annual trip to “A Wool Gathering” in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This year was a slightly different trip as we made it  family event. What we didn’t realize was that at the same time, at the same place, there would also be a company picnic and the first weekend of pumpkin picking. Holy busy, Batman!

We made it there without event and even saw my brother and sister-in-law as we were on our way in. I left Jack and the kids to go check out the kids area while I hit up tent 1. Knitted to as T was in her usual spot and I quickly perused the fiber and chose 2 braids of BFL. Fiber Optic Yarns was also in the same tent and very crowded (as expected). I had much difficulty trying to decide between fiber and yarn. I decided to go with yarn since I’ve been knitting much more than spinning lately. Rather than going with a skein or two, I went with 2 gradient boxes: Parakeet and Chocolate-Aqua. I really wanted Steampunk too, but passed. the two I did buy will soon be very amazing shawls. I had a great chat with Kimber and was on my way.

As I headed out of tent 1 I saw my family coming out of the animal tent. It turns out Bug was too tall for the kids area (at the age of 6!), so they were looking for me. I took Muffin into tent 2 and 3 while Jack took Bug to the kids craft area. With a preschooler in tow it was some of the fastest window shopping ever. After 15 minutes we were looking for our other half so we could have ice cream.

Soon the family was settled with ice cream from Young’s Dairy Farm and I ran back to tent 3 to get two skeins of alpaca yarn from Midwest Fiber Farm.

All in all, a successful trip, just way too crowded this year with so many other events going on.




TdF 2014: Day 9- Bulky Yarns!

Oops, was a little MIA for a few days. I warned you that TdF spinning would be interrupted by working on the home remodel and indeed it was. There was painting to be done, disliked and repainted. Yes, lots of fun! There was also a movie to be seen (finally got to see Maleficent). And I may have run a Mom & Me race with my daughter this morning… whatevs 😉


Alas, I digress and we’ll get back to the topic at hand… TdF!!! Today I spun up 3 singles and already had the 4th waiting. I spun up two bulky, thick n’ thin yarns that I just love.


The pink one is then craftypuppylover single plied with another single from a bohoknitterchic batt. I’m calling it Punk Rock Pop Rocks. Love it!

The purple one is two really, really, really (like years) old bohoknitterchic batts that I decided to finally spin and ply together. It’s amazing what you find when you stash dive. There’s even lace plied in there!

Spinning will now definitely slow down again as I return to work tomorrow and my husband will be in Vegas from the 17th – 21st. Me + 2 kids – backup from daddy = very little spinning time.

I will post as I have more to share!

XO, ~L

TdF 2014: Day 4- Bulky Singles!

Much less time for spinning today. You see, while I am off work this week I also have big plans to get a few things done around the house. Namely: finish our dining room, spackle the kitchen and finish painting the upstairs hall. While I wish I could spend all day catching up on bad TV and spinning away on my Lendrum, it’s just not in the cards.

That said, I found a couple hours this afternoon to spin and managed two bulky singles:

Day 4


The blue is one of Bohoknitterchic Spins textured batts in Noel and the pink is a custom batt Craftypuppylover made for me many moons ago (Punk Rock Princess). Still deciding what is next for these singles…

XO, ~L

TdF 2014: Day 3- Plying

Still spinning away over here. First up I finished the “Yellow Snow” rolags I was working on. The single has been set side to wait for another single (or two!) that I plan to ply it with. Next up was plying. I had too many bobbins with miscellaneous singles on them, needed to free up some space for my next spins that will require my BIG bobbins. Oh yes, funky/chunky yarns are up next. Here are my two ply yarns from today and the single I finished…

Day 3


The bottom (natural) one is actually a WIP I finished. I bought the fiber at A Wool Gathering last fall, spun up the first single during Spinzilla, and then never found my way back to spin up the second. It is soooooooo soft. I absolutely love it. I actually love all three of my finished yarns very much. I look forward to assigning projects and knitting once TdF is over.

XO, ~L

TdF 2014: Day 2

Not as much spinning today due to a trip to the zoo. Perfect weather, we could not resist taking the animals to see the animals. Today’s fiber:

Day 2

I am off work this week (stay-cation!) so the focus will be finishing up the rolags and working on some plying.

XO, ~L